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The Smart Home - No Longer the Home of the Future – It’s Here!
  • Jul 31, 2015
  • New Home Ambassador
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The Smart Home is the next big trend on the horizon.  Technology has impacted so many parts of our lives why not take advantage of the opportunity to advance home performance.  These new technologies will make life easier and more efficient. 

The ”whole house system” design has afforded builders to optimize performance of all the major components within the home such as water, HVAC, lighting and appliances.  It starts with a central hub or “brain” so the various systems can “talk” to one another and take home performance to a whole new level.  So much is available now and more will be available within the next 5 – 10 years. 

Home buyers want innovations that serve a practical purpose such as intelligent home security or HVAC systems that notify them if a window is open because the temperature of the home has changed.  Smart thermostats allow us to save energy and control them via tablet or smartphone.  We are also seeing fingerprint-enabled door locks, and numerous apps to allow us to monitor our homes at a distance. 

Some of the new advancements in technology include:

The ability to remotely control window shades and automate schedules for energy efficiency.

A new motion-detecting flooring, SensFloor, is laid under conventional flooring and detects motion via sensors and transmits messages.

Sensors can be installed along air ducts, compressors and other components of HVAC systems.  An app alerts you about your systems energy efficiency, maintenance needs or potential breakdowns.

Light dimmers can be controlled by a central hub or by an app and are compatible with a variety of light bulbs.

Wall outlets can now be adjusted by an app, so you can control your lights from your phone or tablet while you’re away.

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors send your phone alerts if something is wrong.

Water leak and mold sensors use your home’s copper wiring to send you alerts about leaks and mold.

Sprinkler Systems can now automatically access local weather forecasts to assess watering needs.

In the end, these smart tools will make life easier, less expensive and more efficient all by the touch of a button.

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